Friday, February 4, 2011

From: WJBC

Greg is the son of Steve and Carol Kurtenbach-Chatsworth


By: Beth Whisman:

State Farm agent from Gibson City will appear during the Bears-Packers game. Greg Kurtenbach is one of the stars of a new State Farm television ad that will debut Sunday.
He says the commercial is part of a recent series that shows a State Farm agent magically appear to handle a client’s emergency.

“Basically, there are a couple of guys in a car … eating a buffalo burger,” he explained. “Well, they’re in a national park and all these buffalo start swarming the car and start knocking the car around. One of them yells, ‘Call your agent! Call your agent!’ And, I pop up.”

Kurtenbach won’t reveal how the commercial ends, but he says if you miss it on Sunday, you’ll be able to find it on Kurtenbach tells WJBC, he auditioned with a New York talent agency months before the commercial shoot. He never thought he’d be picked.

Kurtenbach said it took four hours to film the 30 second commercial.

Kurtenbach’s office is located in downtown Gibson City. He says it was kind of hard to keep his recent adventure a secret.

“Gibson City is a small town. Everybody knows everybody, so to do something like this … everybody seems pretty excited. It’s a once in a lifetime experience.”

The husband and father says he hopes the new ad gets some play during American Idol, too.

“I was watching the other day with my girls and my wife and we saw the other [current ad], so it would be pretty cool

if this one ran,” he said.

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