Sunday, March 8, 2015

Verla Tauber's 100th Birthday

From the Daily Leader
March 4, 2015

Chatsworth-March birthdays in Chatsworth were celebrated recently at the St. Peter and Paul Parish Hall.
Among them was Verla Tauber, achieving the 100-year mark. She invited friends to join her in celebration.
Tauber has been a voice for the St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church for years. Some say it was her determination that has kept the church in Chatsworth going.
"I love everybody and everybody loves me," Tauber stated when asked what she liked best about Chatsworth.
She and her husband, Sam, came from Kouts, Ind., in 1953. They raised three children, Sam, Jane and Kay. Tauber was also the neighborhood mother.
"Whenever children had a dispute or an injury they all knew to go to Mrs. Tauber's house," Connie Dohman remembers.
Yes, Chatsworth does love Verla Tauber and appreciates all the acts of kindness this dear lady has bestowed upon it.

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