Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chronicling America-Library of Congress

Chronicling America-Library of Congress: "



Update # 8 from Chatsworth Illinois Memories


To read about the Chatsworth Train Wreck in 1887


New !!!!




Read what lots of papers across the country had to say.

This link will take you to the search page--

Under "Select A Year or Date Range" --click and select "1887"

Under "Enter Search" put --"chatsworth" in the box that says "....with any of the words"

Click "Search".

Once you get the results, click on each result (Picture of the paper), then click on "Zoom" to enlarge.

Holding down a left click on your  mouse will allow you to move the paper.

I could have provided individual links to each page, however, there are 26 pages with 10 results on each page, so plan on plenty of time to read these !!


It is really worth the effort tho if this subject interests you!!


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