Saturday, March 11, 2017

Bluebird Project Update



Jump on board with the Chatsworth Bluebird Project!
Students and teachers from three school districts-Prairie Central, Tri-Point and Pontiac, along with residents from Chatsworth, Cullom, Forrest, Strawn, Piper City, Cabery, Kempton, Stelle and Fairbury- have started an amazing undertaking to bring the Eastern Bluebird back into this area.
The Bluebird was the old Chatsworth High School Mascot, and in 2016 after over 100 Bluebird houses were placed around the country-side, these beautiful birds and their babies are touching the hearts of many residents far and wide. The JWP Audubon Society has published a newsletter article about this project and is interested in supporting it. Legislators are interested in recognizing the students and the communities for their hard work, and plans are in the works to proclaim Chatsworth the Bluebird Capital of Illinois. The public from all communities are invited to attend the 2nd Annual Bluebird Festival at the American Legion in Chatsworth. Bluebird houses are available at Chatsworth Corner Hardware, 815.635.320l.

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