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Chatsworth In The News 2015

Chatsworth in the News 2015

Tidbits of Chatsworth News from the Area Newspapers

This article is from the Pontiac Daily Leader 12.24.2014
This report is from 2014 but it starts this new page off right.
Story of how one person views Chatsworth at Christmas time.
Thanks to this reporter for reporting how most of us feel about our hometown!!


There is much to be said about Christmas in a small town. It is free of the congestion, traffic and over stimulation. It relieves you of the rush and hurry of finding the perfect gift times one hundred. You don't have to stand in line to check out and never wonder if the gift you bought will be duplicated. Big cities have public transportation and cabs to wait for, small towns will never have that. The list goes on and one.
But Christmas in Chatsworth is more like it used to be. We have time to say hello to a neighbor--even if it is at a stop sign just for a moment. Our postal workers know you by name and everyone in your family.
They share the excitement when a package arrives in your box. They go out of their way to make sure your packages arrive on time.
When you walk down Locust Street and see the greenery planted in all the planters sparkling with ornaments, it is obvious that someone in town cares enough to decorate hoping to bring a smile to a passerby. Maybe walking down that street will rekindle a memory of parents and children and how many years have passed. Where does the time go?
The town employees have spent much of their days hanging decorations from the light poles. Even the town board members pitched in and assisted in the project to keep everyone safe. The town glows with small town pride. There is a peaceful silence as you listen to the Christmas music playing in the distance, the smell of a fireplace burning logs. Wrap your coat around yourself and remember the way your Mom used to do it before she let you play outside. Bring the happy memories out and relive the joy.
Christmas is still a lot more than 50 percent off sales and meeting deadlines, buying online and spending money. It's baking cookies to share and emphasizing your blessing. The appreciation for the loved ones you share this holiday season that might not be here next year. It's the children. The gifts money can't buy. Time. Taking time out to forget the job and the bills, the shortcomings and the failures. Love yourself, your family, your town and your country.
Merry Christmas everyone, from the town of Chatsworth.

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